Primary Measurement Kit

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ScanTex Part #: LER-2505 Brand:


Customary/Metric Measuring Spoons (Set of 5) Customery/Metric Measuring Cups (Set of 4) Transparent Rulers (Set of 10) Hexagram® Weights (Set of 54) Growing Gauge Demonstration Thermometer Student Thermometers (Set of 10) Liquid Measures (Set of 3) 3M/10 ft. Retractable Measuring Tape Platform Scale Customary/Metric Tape Measures (Set of 10) Bucket Balance Spring Scale (3000g/6.6 lb.) Folding Meter Stick 12-Hour Demonstration Clock One-Minute Sandtimers (Set of 5) Big Digit Stopwatch

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Weight10.8 lbs